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Granville Pallet Company manufactures heat-treated (HT) pallets that adhere to the most current ISPM-15 (International Phytosanitary Measure) standards. Any wood that is used to ship  goods internationally must be heat-treated to prevent the spread of disease and bugs from country to country. 

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Heat Treatment for Wooden Pallets

Ensuring that wooden pallets are free of pests or diseases that can be transferred from location to location is one of the main reasons behind needing heat treating services. By following the ISPM-15 certification standards for heat-treating pallets, GPC is able to help prevent any issues that could have a negative impact on vegetation or other ecosystems due to the transportation of goods. 

When following ISPM-15 standards, any solid wood or wood used for packing that is over 6mm thick and designated for export use must be heat treated. The process involves heating the wood to a temperature of at least 133 degrees Fahrenheit (56 degrees Celsius) for 30 minutes. This type of treatment is considered to be more effective and environmentally safe to treat for pests or diseases as opposed to other methods. 

Once the process is complete, the wooden pallets are branded with an IPPC mark which is an internationally recognized way of guaranteeing that the pallets have been heat-treated according to the proper standards. 

If you need to make sure that your pallets are heat-treated using the proper internationally recognized standards then GPC is your top choice.

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